Mérida, Yucatán, cultural and economic center of the mexican southeast, is a turistic destiny of first level. Known like the White City because of the cleanliness of its streets, houses and its people, constitutes an obligation stop to the people that comes to visit this state. Mérida describes a lot of the splendor of the colonial period of México. The spanish conquerer Francisco de Montejo founded Mérida in 1542, in the same site where was the mayan city called Thó.

Exceptionals foods, music and regional dances can be finded in the restaurants, theater and stores along the streets and the Paseo de Montejo Avenue, this avenue was created in resemblance on the Champs Elysées of París. Mérida was named by the UNESCO like Humanity´s Cultural Patrimony in the year 2000, same year when the OEA (American States Oganization) gave it the title of American Culture Capitol, winning this recognition to important cities like Arlington, Toronto and Viña del Mar and others. Progreso, Mérida city´s port is just 30 kilometers away to the north.

People that visits Mérida always come back, we invite you to our beautiful city.